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Residential Garage Door Repairs

As a homeowner, living in a lovely residential area of Keller, TX, I have a lingering desire to take care of repairs and maintenance on my own – to become a master of the DIY lifestyle. If you’re anything like me, you may feel like you can take on any DIY project. And that’s wonderful in cases where the repair or maintenance is easy and safe to complete.  When it comes to residential garage door repairs, you may want to consider your safety.

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The Need for Knowledge

There’s no substitution for knowledge and experience when it comes to residential garage door repairs.  Typically, when a homeowner attempts a DIY repair on their garage door, they end up making the problem worse. Of course, as with most things, making your residential garage door repair issues worse will you more time, more money, and maybe even an injury.

Leave It to The Professionals

There are numerous ways things can go wrong during a DIY attempt at repairing your residential garage door. Below are the most common ways people injure themselves while attempting a garage door repair.

  1. Falls – You need to reach a minimum of 8ft often 10ft or higher. With the addition of a ceiling being so close while working this greatly increases the chances of an amateur falling.
  2. Springs – This is may be fewer in instances but can lead to far more devastating injuries. Without the proper handling, torsion springs can become fast moving projectiles.
  3. Collapses – Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds. When attempting DIY residential garage door repairs, the likelihood of a garage door collapsing on you skyrockets!

Professional Assessment

If your residential garage door is in need of repair or replacement, our expert technicians can determine what parts need replacing and make swift and safe repairs. Please Contact Us for more!

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