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Garage Door Repair Keller TX

A damaged garage door stands out like a chipped front tooth.  Plus it’s going to bother you every time to take your car in or out, and depending on the type of damage it can offer a chink in your household armor that will start to let in anything from cold to unwanted intruders in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  It doesn’t have to be like that – Garage Door Repairs Keller Texas are your local garage door installation specialist. Give us a call, tell us all you can about the problem (and maybe have your smartphone ready to share some photos) and we’ll be on our way to you to fix your doors as soon as possible.  

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Garage Door Replacement & Service

Cables and Springs

The biggest thing that breaks in garage doors is the spring and the result is a door that won’t open or close, but curiously the cause is often missed because you don’t see a spring lying around in pieces.  Often the broken spring is invisible but you know that something is wrong because you heard a bang or the cables are now hanging freely. Cables can break but it’s rare, loose cables are usually due to a problem with the torsion spring.  No matter – Garage Door Repair Keller Texas can identify the problem in a second and get to work repairing or replacing any damaged components. 

Garage Door Service Keller TX

Garage Door Openers

The simplest thing that goes wrong with a garage door opener is the remote running out of juice, but once you’ve ruled that out then it could be a catch with any number of elements including misaligned sensor beams, the opening motor, the trolley, or the drive train.  Let our experts identify and fix that door opener for you.


Not all the things that go wrong with garage doors are down to electrical, electronic, or motor failure.  Some of them are much more basic mechanical problems but that doesn’t make them any less of an inconvenience.  We can replace or refit hinges that are sagging or out of line, but more than that we can advise you on any underlying problems like hinges that aren’t sufficiently strong for the doors that have since been fitted.  Let the Garage Door Repair Keller Texas professionals re hang your doors to fix your problems now and in the future.

Panels and Door replacement

Bent or off track doors are ugly and may interfere with the correct functioning of your garage doors.  Damaged panels stick out every time you look at them and if left may lead to larger cracks and an entry point for wind and wildlife.  Worse, if you continue to use an overhead opening door with damaged panels the strain of pulling them up can cause wear and tear on the drive and motor of the opener and lead to bigger bills further down the line.  So call Garage Door Repair Keller Texas sooner, rather than later, and keep your bills down and garage looking great.


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