Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining Your Garage Door

​Do you need garage door maintenance in Keller? Ask yourself this. Do you rely on it every day? Does it involve a mix of mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts? The chances are you wouldn’t skip on maintaining your car, and yet for what is probably the largest moving part of your household, and one you rely on to function properly every single day. So yes, you should think about garage door maintenance, because maintenance is a lot less hassle and more cost-effective than leaving it unattended until the day it refuses to open, or absolutely won’t shut, or decides to freeze half way down.

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Most garage doors are the overhead opening variety, although at Garage Door Repair Keller Texas we pride ourselves on being expert repairmen for any kind of garage door out there on the market.

They are also heavy, and although you don’t think about it you are relying every day on the integrity of the opening and closing mechanism to avoid those heavy doors coming down with a clang on your car, your family, or your pets.  Which is why we take garage door maintenance very seriously and don’t waste time in coming to fix difficult doors.

When To Call?

Garage Door Repair Keller Texas repairs garage doors.  But the best repair of all is the one that wasn’t needed because effective maintenance headed off the problem before it could turn into a failure.  The best time to arrange a maintenance call is now – because you know we need to maintain all our machines on a regular basis (see Servicing Contracts below) but there are a few other hints that it’s time to call us.  

Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Noise is usually the first sign that something is going wrong.  If you’re hearing unusual noises from your garage door then it’s time to get the maintenance men in. It might just be a simple lubrication issue, or it could be a mechanical component that is badly aligned or on the brink of failure.  The next, and probably the one that people wrongly wait for before calling us is difficulty opening or closing. By the time the door is juddering or not fully opening or closing you are getting beyond maintenance and into the world of repair.  Which is probably going to cost more. Don’t hesitate, get Garage Door Repair and drive gate repair Keller Texas to look at your garage now, before it misbehaves.

Servicing Contracts

Easily the best approach to maintenance is to have a regular servicing contract with us. It’s more cost effective, especially if you have multiple doors to manage.  Once we’ve got a contract with you and the details of your particular door or doors there is also the advantage that we can think ahead and ensure that we have ordered any components that are likely to fail long before they are likely to do so.  A maintenance contract becomes a very small price to pay for a reliable entrance into your home.


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