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Garage Door Cable Repair in Keller

​Garage door issues are the worst! Especially when you just want to get inside out of the Keller, Texas summer heat. When your garage door stops working you may need cable repair for your garage door.
Full of moving parts that are often under high pressure, your garage door is more complex than you may imagine. And garage door cables are an essential component of your garage door. The springs and cables control the tension and motion of your garage door. These cables can fray or break, leaving your garage door stuck, and you in need of cable repair or replacement.

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How Do I Know if I Need My Cables Repaired?

If you come home to find your garage door halfway open or hanging awkwardly, you may need cable repair or replacement. Check your garage door cables to see if they are broken or frayed. If upon visual inspection you become aware of any defects your garaged door cables need to be repaired or replaced.

Safety First

As always, your garage door is a very heavy piece of equipment and serious injury may occur if improperly repaired. Repairing garage door cables can often be dangerous and may result in the door falling on you or something inside the garage. This is why we recommend getting a professional to repair the cables. Spending less on an amateur, or a DIY attempt are not worth the potential injury or damage.

Professional Assessment

If your garage door’s cables are damaged or frayed, our expert technicians can determine what parts need replacing and make swift and safe repairs. Please Contact Us for more information!

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