Broken Garage Door Springs

Is Your Garage Door Spring Broken?

​Because garage doors are heavy (almost certainly the biggest moving part in your house) a lot of that weight is supported by the garage door springs, so when they break naturally the door doesn’t work anymore. However because the design of modern garage doors is quite sophisticated you can be forgiven for not knowing that the spring is what’s broken. You may not be able to see it, and it may not reveal itself in the way that you expect, but when it’s gone, it’s gone, and you need a capable repair person with the right garage door maintenance, right away.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Did you hear a huge bang from your garage last night, but when you went down to check it out there didn’t seem to be anything broken or out of place?  Chances are you were too worried that it was somebody trying to break in to check the garage door opener. Only today the door doesn’t open.

That’s because many doors operate with what’s called a Torsion Spring to help take the weight of that door. Torsion Springs have shafts running down the middle and when they break they release huge force and often rattle around the shaft creating that ‘unwanted intruder’ noise.

Six Inch Stop

One other way to know your garage door spring has gone is when it starts to rise but stops at about six inches. Why? Because your door is equipped with a force meter that notices the spring isn’t helping the opening engine so it stops the motor to prevent further damage. This is actually a good thing in terms of limiting damage since it ensures that you only need to replace the spring, not an overloaded opening motor.  Doesn’t help you get your garage door open though. You need Garage Door Repair Keller Texas for that.

Broken Cables?

Are the cables hanging loose from the ceiling in your garage?  If so, your spring is broken. It’s a common presumption that when the door doesn’t open and the cables are clearly hanging lose then the culprit is the cables, but in our (considerable) experience cables very rarely break as they just don’t take the strain the spring is under. However when the spring breaks, it’s the cables that disconnect and fly out of place. This is a common occurrence. 

Your Door Is Slowing Down

Let’s face it we all slow down a little as we get older.  But if your garage door is of a type that starts slowly, then seems to speed up as it gets on with the job, except that now it doesn’t speed up any more, that doesn’t necessarily mean that its motor is the problem.  Some DC motors do indeed work in two speeds, one to get over the initial inertia, and then a higher speed once the door is rolling. But if the spring is failing then these systems may detect that and not move into the higher gear.  Again this is a smart system aimed at preserving the motor in the case of a spring breaking but you might not realize that’s what’s happening. Call Garage Door Repair Keller Texas the moment your door starts to behave differently and let us come round and check it out.  We’ve replaced a lot of springs so you can be sure we’ll spring into action to replace yours.


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