Garage Door Keypads

Is Your Garage Door Keypad Broken?

Garage Door Keypads: A History

​Imagine it’s 1972. You’re driving down the streets of Keller in your nice Ford Pinto. You reach your house, pull up to the garage, and get out of the car. You get to the garage door and realize you never got the key back from your neighbor. How will you get inside without your keys? If only there was a garage door keypad! Then you could enter a number to open the door.

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The Little Wonders of Technology

My how far we have come! The original garage door keypad was wired directly to the garage door opener, and you needed a key. It used to be laughably easy to break this “security” all you had to do was short the wires and it would activate the door.

Eventually, with advancements in technology came some great new ideas. The first great idea for the garage door keypad was using a mounted touchpad that resembled the buttons on the ‘new’ digital phones. This allowed any family member with the combination to use the garage door. Though this was more convenient than the keyed garage door keypad method, it still had its own security flaws.

Garage Door Keypads We Know and Love Today

As technology continued to make leaps and bounds, security has been built into these devices. Garage door keypads are now wireless. This negates the ease with which one could simply remove the keypad, gain access to the wires, and cause a short. We have even taken things one step further. Garage Door keypads in Keller go bad sometimes. 

You can now get a programmable garage door keypad that allows you to open one door at a time and a one-use code for someone who needs to let out the dogs for you. Some manufacturers have taken it to the extreme and include fingerprint control rather than a combination of numbers! Things certainly have come a long way since good ol’ 1972.

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